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Product Development

The journey towards a finished product is filled with challenges and demands to consider. Every day, we at Semcon help our customers to turn their ideas to reality. Creating innovative, sustainable products and solutions with the help of new technologies. Our experience from all segments, comprehensive expertise and focus on research, make Semcon a long-term development partner to our customers.

Johanna Stenfeldt

Country Manager Sweden


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At Semcon, we create physical products and digital solutions for the best end user experience. This includes all new product developments, such as improvement of existing products, extension of the product line or the products that are new-to-the-company or new-to-the-market.

Global trends

Today, product development is influenced by a number of large global trends; sustainability, digitalisation, electrification and urbanisation to mention a few. Parallel to an extremely rapid emergence of new technologies. Also, a competitive market with a new generation of end users looking for the ultimate product experience and wanting to make a difference by their product choice, at the same time as we are facing an ever growing and aging population.

40 years of experience

The fast progress in all these areas requires expertise in each area as well as a broad understanding of different industries. Semcon has for more than 40 years developed physical products, digital services and production environments. We have experts with deep knowledge and experience within life science, future mobility, energy, industry and the public sector. From our Semcon studios we offer turnkey product development service from idea to industrialization, and we also provide experts on site in our customers organisations when needed.

Our process

We guide our customers through the entire process of analysis, concept development, design, iterative prototyping and testing and finally design for manufacturing. To meet demands and optimize quality throughout the entire journey, we use our project methodology, with defined gates and tuning points, at the same time integrated with our customers processes for a smooth design transfer and close partnership. We ensure the right expertise on the right time for complete product development.