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With deep knowledge of the Design Thinking methodology and extensive experience from a broad range of industries, Semcon's designers work together with our customers to identify and deliver those unique and relevant development opportunities.

Patric Svensson, Semcon

Patric Svensson

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Design & Digital Experience

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Semcon's design expertise spans UX design, Industrial design, CMF design, Graphic/UI design, Ergonomics and Service design. We’ll work with you throughout the design process with all types of digital and physical interfaces as well as combination products. By sitting both inside and outside your business circle we bring critical user insights, new design strategies, interaction flows, innovative and realistic sustainable design. In the end, we’ll help you develop future-oriented solutions that truly benefit people, the environment, and your business.

Semcon's focus is always on end users and their experiences. We believe that an early insight and understanding of the people who actually use the products and services is essential. Through that knowledge, we can see the bigger picture when it comes to developing a positive user experience.

Within Semcon Studios, you'll find a diversity of expertise and dedicated individuals working together to find the best solutions for your users, your business and the planet. We’ll nail down those slippery requirements and come up with the answers to development problems through close teamwork and communication. We know how to help our customers form a strategic vision and develop solutions ready for the market – all under one roof.