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Semcon’s invoices are handled electronically. In this way, we create a sustainable and efficient flow and simplified handling for all parties.

Invoice from supplier
Semcon only accepts electronic invoices. Please note that a PDF does not count as an electronic invoice. In order for you as a supplier to get paid on time, it is important that the invoices meet certain requirements.

Suppliers who do not send e-invoices
As a supplier, have you not started with electronic invoices? It is often possible to create e-invoices via existing business systems/financial systems.

More information is available here:

Invoice requirements for supplier invoices
In order for you to be paid on time, your invoice to Semcon must meet Semcon’s requirements:

  1. The invoice must be addressed to the correct company and address

  2. The department number must appear on the invoice. Department Number consists of 1-4 digits (The field must only contain numbers 0 to 9, no letters or other characters, not 0 before the department number) . It is the department number that allows Semcon to know who is to receive the supplier’s invoice. It is therefore not enough to write a person as a reference.

Do you have questions regarding invoicing to Semcon?

Do you have questions about e-invoices?

Address register
Click here to see billing addresses.

Customer invoices
Semcon’s goal is to send all customer invoices electronically. If you are interested in receiving electronic invoices from Semcon, please contact us via