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Adding digital perspectives on sustainability.

A world in need of new perspectives!

At Semcon, we support our customers with new perspectives – to find smarter solutions for a better world. Understanding people’s needs and how to enable those within the limits of our planet is crucial to secure the shift to a resilient and sustainable society. And that is our strength at Semcon. An innovative force built on different perspectives.

WATCH VIDEO: At Semcon we are driven by a genuine curiosity about people, their different needs, behaviours and perspectives.

Integrated in our business strategy

Sustainability is an integral part of Semcon’s business strategy. We address our material sustainability risks and opportunities in our own operations and value chain, in our customer assignments and in the societies where we operate – all with a focus on people, planet and principles (business ethics). While our greatest contribution to a sustainable society is created through our customer assignments, we also take decisive steps to drive sustainability in our own operations and value chain. It’s a continuous journey.

Semcon’s sustainability agenda is based on various international frameworks, including the UN Agenda 2030 and the UN Global Compact, as well as the four-pillar framework in the Exponential Roadmap Initiative’s 1.5C Business Playbook. While the Exponential Roadmap Initiative’s four-pillar framework has a specific focus on climate action, we have used the four-pillar framework as the basis for our entire sustainability agenda.

Pillar 1 & 2

Sustainable operations and value chains

Pillar 3

Sustainable customer projects

Pillar 4

Sustainable society

Our contribution to the SDGs

We have evaluated which of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals Semcon most clearly contributes to, in our own organisation and value chain, in our customer assignments, and through our role in society. In addition, we also contribute regularly to several of the other goals in connection with various customer assignments and CSR projects. Our aim is to constantly increase the number of projects and assignments that contribute to the UN SDGs.

Read more about how we contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in our Sustainability Report 2023 (page 20-21).


Here you also find our whistleblower policy and tool for reporting. All our different policies and certificates can also be found here.


Do you want to know more about our sustainability work? You can find a lot more information in our Sustainability Report from 2023.


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