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Public sector.

Semcon has long experience within the public sector. We support authorities, regions, municipalities and municipal companies with project management, sustainability services, quality and validation, software development and much more.

Why choose Semcon?

  • With experience from several different industries, we make sure to transfer relevant knowledge to each project – ensuring quality and up-to-date processes.

  • Since we have been working in the public sector for quite some time we have experience of framework agreements with governments and public organisations.

  • We can help your organisation in the early stages of developing your operations and managing your digital and sustainable, transformation.

Our services within public sector

Semcon’s experts help you develop more efficient and sustainable operations. We work with quality and validation within healthcare and we develop user-friendly digitalisation tools for more connected cities. To name a few examples. Get in touch and let’s find out how we can help develop a better society together.

Digital Solutions
In order to provide the democratic and user-friendly tools that today’s digital age have made possible, you need a partner with the right digital expertise. At Semcon we have the unique combination of skills that make it possible to provide innovative solutions for all citizens.

Project Excellence
Project work is more the rule than the exception in contemporary work and this is especially true when the goal is to develop, improve and change. With the right project methodology we help organisations in the public sector to ensure the quality and validation aspects of their operations.

Energy Optimisation

It is not uncommon for businesses today to have up to 25% higher energy use than is needed. In close cooperation with our customers, Semcon looks at the operations in terms of energy use, processes and operational and strategic planning.

Sustainable business
Over the years we have grown our offerings to include even more digital and sustainability experts. Today, Semcon is in a unique position to help companies and organisations on their entire journey towards more sustainable operations - from climate and environment to social sustainability.

Quality Excellence
Many organisations in the public sector face strict regulatory frameworks regarding quality, documentation and traceability. With our expertise in quality management, we can help you to utilise your resources more efficiently, minimse cost and maximise client benefits.

Electrical Engineering
With long experience and broad knowledge of electrical engineering we support customers within, for example, the areas of manufacturing industry, heavy vehicles and electric power. We have experienced team of electrical engineers and specialists in project planning and construction, vehicle electronics, electrical power construction, cable calculations and electrical documentation

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Public Sector

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