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Embedded Systems

The combination of expertise in both embedded systems and product development makes Semcon the ideal partner for any company looking to make their products come to life.

Johan Kristensson, Semcon

Johan Kristensson

Team Manager

Embedded Network

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With extensive expertise within embedded systems, Semcon can help your company improve its products with smart, connected solutions. We have the right competence and extensive experience in the development of embedded real-time systems, including sensors, actuators, energy management, battery, connectivity, user experience and much more.

We work with the customers’ R&D departments. This requires deep and broad expertise in embedded system development. Semcon has the ability to quickly set up an agile team, assign an expert or develop a demonstrator – all of this to meet the customer’s needs.

- Johan Kristensson, Team Manager Embedded

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As your development partner, we make sure to put together the right mix of expertise to support your business every step of the way. We have experts within all disciplines of software development: architecture, embedded, frontend, backend, app, web, cloud, AI, ML, project management and much more. Just get in touch to find out more about how we can create something great together.