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The availability of sustainable, safe and secure energy is fundamental to society as a whole. With strong focus on project and quality management, we support the energy sector in the shift towards more renewable energy sources and decentralised forms of distribution.

Reliability and control

Regardless the many technological leaps of today, the core essentials for the energy industry are the same: to ensure secure and efficient installation, upgrades and operations of plants and adjacent infrastructure.

Reliability and control will continue to be equally important for energy supply when hydropower and nuclear power are increasingly accompanied by sun, wind and waves. Semcon’s extensive experience within the energy sector paired with our expertise in project management, quality and validation makes us a reliable partner in helping you utilise your resources more efficiently, minimise costs and maximise benefits to customers.

Our services within energy

From large energy facilities to small and local ones – we support all sorts of customers in the energy sector on their journeys towards sustainable and renewable energy solutions. We combine experience in traditional electricity production with digital expertise in monitoring, data management and visualisation.

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Project Excellence
Semcon has an extensive experience in project management; we even have our own project methodology. Every day, we help our customers in the energy sector with project management of new developments, renovations and maintenance of plants that produce and distribute energy.

Quality Excellence
For many organisations within the energy sector the demands for quality assurance, system validation and documentation is a challenge. With our expertise in quality management, we can help you to utilise your resources more efficiently, minimse cost and maximise client benefits.

Hydrogen gas
We work with solutions for both the production and use of hydrogen gas and have an excellent grasp of the entire chain, from the development of components to electrification and integration for various applications.

Sustainable business
Semcon is in a unique position to help companies and organisations on the entire journey towards a more sustainable business - from climate and environment to social sustainability. Our offerings span areas such as strategy, business ethics and human rights, ecodesign, sustainability reporting as well as chemistry and life cycle analysis.

Energy Optimisation
Semcon can map where energy is used and analyse which measures provide the best energy efficiency in relation to payback time. In close cooperation with our customers, we can review the operations in terms of energy use, processes and operational and strategic planning.

Product Development
At Semcon, we support throughout the product development process. Our expert teams are specialised in areas such as mechanical engineering, simulation, test and verification, design and UX, embedded systems as well as electrical engineering.

Nuclear power
For almost two decades, Semcon has provided expertise in maintenance, project management and quality management to Swedish nuclear power-industry, all the way from nuclear fuel production and fuel design to final waste disposal

Electrical engineering
With long experience and broad knowledge of electrical engineering we support customers within, for example, the areas of manufacturing industry, heavy vehicles and electric power. We have experienced team of electrical engineers and specialists in project planning and construction, vehicle electronics, electrical power construction, cable calculations and electrical documentation.

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