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The mobility sector is going through its greatest transformation yet. At Semcon we are well positioned to contribute in this shift, thanks to our combination of engineering expertise, digital services and sustainability know-how.

New perspectives for a new era of mobility

A number of ongoing global market trends influence the direction within in the mobility industry. Building a more sustainable society and adapting to a the digital age means more focus on autonomous driving, connectivity, the electrification of vehicles, and shared mobility. This also means more focus on the end user and how to make people’s life easier – rather than the production of vehicles.

At Semcon we take pride in understanding human needs and behaviour. For us, technology has no purpose of its own, it’s the value it adds to people and the planet that matters. But in order to develop technology that improves people’s lives while respecting our planetary boundaries and protecting human rights we need to rethink. We need new perspectives on technology.

Our services within mobility

With expertise within autonomous and digital solutions, servitization, electrification and product development, Semcon is well suited to be your partner on the road forward.

Autonomous Solutions

From automation to fully autonomous cars. With our extensive knowledge of the mobility industry combined with the latest research and innovative thinking, Semcon has the resources and expertise to develop effective autonomous solutions.

Automotive Facelifts

Make sure your vehicles keep fresh longer. With decades of experience, we take a strategic approach to facelifts, the major or minor updates that keep a car up to date throughout its life cycle.


By replacing fossil fuels with electric power, both environmental, cost and efficiency goals are reached. You also enable more user-friendly products compatible with future technologies. Take part of our approach on how to make your machinery electric.

Product Development

The journey towards a finished product is filled with challenges and demands to consider. Every day, we at Semcon help our customers to turn their ideas to reality. Our focus on research, ecodesign and UX gives us the possibility to combine technology, usability and design in a unique way.

Software Development

Today, software is an integral part of almost all types of technical solutions. With the rapidly accelerating pace of development, the right digital knowledge is vital to enable you to take your product or service to the next level.

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