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A product's climate and environmental footprint is already determined in the development phase! Therefore, Ecodesign is a central and integrated part of Semcon's product development process.

Daniel Gunnarssson-Ohlson

Project Manager


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Ecodesign means innovative design solutions, for both products, digital solutions and services, with a focus on minimising the total climate and environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle; from extraction of raw materials to production, distribution and use, further to repair, reuse, re-production and recycling – always with circular strategies in focus.

Semcon’s focus in this area spans everything from optimising existing solutions to raising the bar to explore and meet circular strategies, principles and business models. We possess a diverse sustainability expertise, collaborating for example through Semcon Studios to find the best design solutions for your user, your business, and our planet.

Workshops to future proof your business

Our services range from data-driven insights, like life-cycle analysis (LCA), environmental impact assessment and advice on existing and upcoming regulations – to end-to-end circular product development. As part of our process we hold workshops to explore how you can future proof your business model and product development process.

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