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From mechanical engineering, electrification and sustainability strategies to digitalised production environments and quality assurance. Semcon supports companies within the industry sector with a broad set of services.

Optimised for the future

We are in the middle of Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution. Now is the time to make sure that your company is well positioned for a more efficient production, designed for low emissions and resource consumption. Are you taking advantage of the great opportunities that comes with more sustainable, digitalised and automated operations?

Our services within Industry

Semcon’s unique mix of digital and sustainability expertise combined with 40 years of experience in product and production development, means that we understand the entire process – from first idea to finished solution – and beyond.

Production Development
Semcon is an independent integrator with extensive experience of working with production development in several industries. We can help with everything from reducing maintenance costs, creating faster production flows, more efficient local planning, and digitising all or part of the production.

Product Development
Every day, we help our customers to turn their ideas to reality. Our focus on research and UX gives us the possibility to combine technology, usability and design in a unique way. Our broad product development offering includes design strategy and ecodesign, mechanical engineering, simulation as well as embedded systems and test and verification. And much more.

Autonomous Solutions
Add value by making machines and vehicles autonomous. Industry constantly needs to go on developing more cost-effective, eco-friendly processes and products. Many companies are now looking at autonomous solutions as the next step on the road to improvement.

By replacing fossil fuels with electric power, both environmental, cost and efficiency goals are reached. You also enable more user-friendly products compatible with future technologies. Take part of our approach on how to make your machinery electric.

Digital Solutions
Semcon has long experience in developing digital solutions for a vast range of customers in many different industries. And we make sure to take advantage of that experience and expertise, turning our learnings from one sector into benefits in another.

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