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Semcon is an international technology partner for companies and organisations in transformation. By combining engineering expertise, digital services and sustainability know-how in a unique offering for product, production and service development, we develop technology that makes a difference – for people and the planet.

The transition to a sustainable society needs to happen quickly. Every day, our 1,400 experts support large and small customers in developing their businesses. Semcon has more than 20 offices in Sweden, Norway and Brazil and with our unique offering, we support customers worldwide.

New perspectives on technology

We put people first. For us, technology has no purpose of its own. It’s the value it creates for people and the planet that is most important. That is why we always start from human needs and behaviours when we develop solutions.

But developing technology that improves people’s lives while respecting our planetary boundaries and protecting human rights is a task that is far from simple. It requires us to rethink. We need new perspectives on technology. That's what our experts and interdisciplinary teams help customers in a variety of industries with every day.

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From idea to finished solution - and beyond!

All companies and organisations are on some kind of journey today. Towards becoming more digital, switching to a circular business model or transitioning to a more efficient and quality-assured production – to name just a few examples.

In order to make that journey successful, we need more perspectives than one might first think. And that is exactly what Semcon can provide. We have a unique combination of engineering services (we know products and production), digital excellence (software, embedded, cloud, you name it!) and sustainability expertise (strategy, design, materials, legal requirements, reporting, human rights, and many more).

This allows us to help our customers improve their products and services, develop completely new technologies, or set strategies for future solutions and business models. We can be there for the entire journey – from the very first idea to the finished solution and beyond. Because a circular business model requires us to think all the way through and look at all steps in the life cycle.

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"Many companies have one or more of these competencies, but few can offer everything under the same roof. At Semcon, we are proud of our unique offering that helps create a more sustainable society, one clever solution at a time." - Markus Granlund, CEO of Semcon

40 years of tech development

Since Semcon was founded in 1980, we have helped companies in many different industries to develop products, services and production environments. Always with a focus on creating solutions that people actually want to use. People like you and me, like all of us.


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