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Strategic Business Design

In this era of constant change, a web of powerful megatrends forces us all to reconsider our society and embrace fresh approaches and new perspectives. Human needs, behaviours, and motivations evolve rapidly, while digitalisation disrupts every sector. To confront our planetary crisis, we must transition from a fossil-fuel-driven linear society to a net-zero circular one.

Anette Norén, Semcon

Anette Norén

Business Manager Design

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Reimagining Business Strategy for a Dynamic World

To stay relevant, companies in all industries need to reshape their strategic agendas. And while this is a complex business landscape, it is also one that offers great opportunities.

At Semcon, we take pride in our holistic perspective, addressing the bigger picture. To empower our customers to plan for the future, we delve into prospective scenarios shaped by megatrends and their impact on individuals and communities.

By employing design thinking, we explore the intricate interplay among various perspectives — people, planet, business, and technology. Our primary focus is on satisfying people’s needs within the limits of our planet, utilising business models, technology, and partnerships as catalysts for crafting profitable, resilient, and sustainable business models. All of this is designed to guide our customers in finding true insight and navigating the path from optimisation to transformation.

Key questions:

  • How is your business responding to these shifts?

  • What will drive profitability in the future?

  • How can you safeguard your products and business model for the long term?

Together with our experts in human needs and behaviour, product and production development, digitalisation, and sustainability, we offer:

  • Business design workshops

  • Opportunity landscapes and strategic roadmaps

  • Training and educational programmes

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Anette Norén, Semcon

Anette Norén

Business Manager Design

Baard Røsvik, Semcon

Baard Røsvik

Business Development Manager