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Adding Digital Perspectives on Technology.

We help our customers develop technology that matters, to people and the planet. Because a sustainable future requires us to rethink – and add new perspectives on technology.

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The perfect solution requires the perfect set-up. And with an expert tech team from Semcon, achieving your dream results is child's play. Welcome to our wonderful world of innovation!

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Semcon combines engineering expertise, digital services and sustainability know-how in a unique offering for product, production and service development. With experience from many different industries, we can bring best practice from one technology sector to add new perspectives to another.

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Join us with your perspectives!

Do you want to join our team? We’re a group of approximately 1,400 curious, kind and open-minded experts in all things tech – and beyond. We want to help create a more sustainable society, one smart solution at a time. So let’s put all our different perspectives to work and create something great together.

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Sustainable innovation

We add new sustainable perspectives to your business, whether you aim to recharge a current product or service, reinvent new technology or reimagine future needs. For us technology has no purpose of its own, it is the value it creates for people and the planet that matters. Today and tomorrow.

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To get a better idea of what we do at Semcon, have a look at some of our customer projects, expert articles, webinars and more.

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Semcon is serving customers worldwide from its operations in over 20 locations in Sweden, Norway and Brazil. Just let us know if you have any questions – we are here to help.

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Looking for a fresh start, with awesome colleagues, exciting new assignments and maybe even some nicer lunch spots? Check out our job openings.