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We want to help create a more sustainable society, one smart solution at a time. So let’s put all our different perspectives to work and create something great together.

People first, then technology

We put people first. For us, technology has no purpose of its own. It’s the value it creates for people and the planet that is most important. That is why we always start from human needs and behaviours when we develop solutions.

But developing technology that improves people’s lives while respecting our planetary boundaries and protecting human rights is a task that is far from simple. It requires us to question, rethink and learn new things. It requires new perspectives on technology. And that's what our experts and interdisciplinary teams help customers with every day.

WATCH VIDEO: At Semcon we are driven by a genuine curiosity about people, their different needs, behaviours and perspectives.

Our culture at Semcon

What makes Semcon unique is a strong, welcoming and inclusive company culture. We are people who put people first, which not only applies to the end users who use the technology, but also in relationships with colleagues, customers and business partners. Read more about our culture.

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Our approach to sustainability

At Semcon we strive to integrate sustainability into our business strategy. This is a continuous journey. Our greatest contribution to a sustainable society is created through our customer assignments, but we also work resolutely with sustainability issues in our own operations and value chain. Read more about sustainability at Semcon.

Work within Life Science

Interested in the world of medtech, pharma, food or cosmetics?

Work within Energy

From large energy facilities to small and local ones – we support all sorts of customers in the energy sector on their journeys towards sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

Work within Production Development

Want to help support the journey towards truly smart factories?

Work within Digital Services

Software, cloud, embedded and beyond. What are your strengths?

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Semcon for students

We offer students the possibility to write their thesis based on a set subject. Published alongside our job openings under the Student category.