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Life Science.

Medtech, pharmaceuticals, foods – developing technical solutions for the life science sector involves getting close to users. Really benefiting humans with the aid of new technology.

Quality and safety for end users

Challenges such as an ageing population, lifestyle-related diseases and rapid technical progress are increasing demands on user-friendly medical devices, quality-assured pharmaceuticals and efficient digital information solutions.

We have more than 35 years of experience in the industry and our extensive expertise of validation and quality assurance within life science means we can take on the entire development chain, with the focus to create secure, safe, user-friendly products and information for the end users.

Our services within life science

We have extensive experience in the industry and knowledge of its unique requirements and challenges. Our offer spans the entire process of product and production development, including digital excellence. Our experts always start from a user perspective to ultimately contribute to safe, effective and user-friendly services, products and medicines.


We’re developing medical devices that make it easier for people to feel better. And live their lives the way they want to. We combine expertise in the fields of product development and design, validation and digital solutions in order to develop technical solutions that are easy to use, safe and connected, offering the best possible user experience.


The pharmaceutical industry is complex, with a large number of different regulatory frameworks to relate to. We have extensive experience of developing, quality-assuring, optimising and implementing new pharmaceuticals and their processes. We also offer a number of training courses focusing on GMP regulations and CE marking, among other things.

Project Excellence

Semcon's Project Excellence offering contains all the tools to succeed in building your businesses project organization. Regardless of whether you need a complete project methodology, training or advice, we are here for you with our expertise

Quality Excellence

Can you afford not to do the right thing? In a world that is changing faster than ever, managing requirements and directives is becoming a challenge. Semcon offers an wide range of services and extensive knowledge in several highly regulated industries.

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