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Semcon Partner Ecosystem.

At Semcon we build long-term customer relations within many different industries and markets. To enhance our deliveries towards our customers we work with partners as a full service provider.

Through Semcon Partner Ecosystem we are able to provide partners with our well-known brand and sales contacts, framework agreements with customers and partners, competence development, customer communication and events, marketing and IT set up. As part of the Ecosystem, you get the opportunity to work with world leading customers and exciting projects focusing on your knowledge and expertise.

What we offer:

  • Well-known brand with a broad customer base

  • Framework agreements within several different industries

  • Access to co-creation facilities

  • Competence development

  • Social & networking events

  • Conference rooms

  • IT and satellite set up

How does it work?

Semcon manage the assignments and continue all sales and customer relations communication. When registered and approved as a partner* in the Semcon Partner Ecosystem your professional profile will be matched to our customer inquiries enabling you to act as a subcontractor for Semcon in many exciting assignments.

You carry out the assignment through your own company as an independent consultant or as a consultancy company having several consultants employed.

If you don´t have your own company, we can help you find a solution for how we can collaborate and do business together.

Become a partner

Sign up free of charge to become a partner* and to start discussing how we can do business together on the Swedish market.

At the moment you can’t register through this site. Please email Company name, Insurance certificate and Registration for tax (f-skatt /skatteverket) to and she will manually register your application and get back to you for further information. Please also state how many employees you have. You need to have a joint-stock company (AB) to apply.

* To become a partner, and for us to be able to start doing business together, you need to undergo a qualification process and sign the Semcon agreement for contractors.

Questions, let us know

Cecilia Lager, Semcon

Cecilia Lager

Business Coordinator