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Test & Verification

We are seeing increased product complexity on the market today, and with this, a greater need for rigorous testing and verification to ensure product quality, safety, and compliance. Semcon’s Test and Verification offering addresses several key challenges and provides valuable solutions for customers in various industries.

Johan Lundström, Semcon

Johan Lundström

Area Manager

Life Science / Energy

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Semcon’s expertise

Semcon’s competencies include requirements engineering, testing strategy development, test case design, bug tracking, quality assurance, project management, and domain-specific knowledge.

Some of the problems/challenges that Semcon helps its customers solve include:

Quality assurance and verification: Semcon ensures that new products meet quality standards and conform to requirements.

Efficient test management: We help our customers manage the testing process, ensuring that testing activities are well-coordinated, tracked, and reported. This streamlines the testing process and reduces project delays.

Optimised verification plans: We design verification plans that define the scope of testing, strategies, and reporting mechanisms. This ensures that testing efforts are aligned with project goals and requirements.

Test case design and execution: We create well-structured test cases to verify functionality against requirements.

Requirements management: Semcon assists in managing product requirements, ensuring that they are well-defined, complete, and testable. This leads to more accurate testing and better product outcomes.

Value creation: Our delivery helps customers by reducing the probability of costly post-launch issues, improving product quality, and accelerating time to market. This translates to better business outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Unique offering: Semcon’s edge lies in its deep expertise, innovative methodologies, and ability to customise solutions to the unique requirements of each customer.

Cross-industry approach: Semcon works across diverse industries such as automotive, aerospace, life science, energy, and more, providing a broad perspective and the ability to transfer best practices between sectors.