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Sustainable customer projects

Since Semcon was founded in 1980, we have developed technology that matters - for people and our planet. We support our customers in their development of renewable energy solutions, electrified transport solutions, pharma and medtech solutions and much more. Physical and digital product and production development have been part of our core business for many years. In 2022, Semcon acquired Goodpoint, a Swedish sustainability consultancy firm with extensive expertise spanning the entire field from climate and environment to human rights and business ethics.

Our combination of expertise

Through our combined expertise within physical and digital product and production development and sustainability, we now have a strong position to support our customers with a holistic perspective. While we can support on specific topics, we can also support with a complete roadmap for the future. All the way from a sustainable strategy and a future-proof business model to sustainable product and service design, production development and responsible operations and value chains.

Customer projects

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