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Sustainable operations & value chain

To enable a sustainable future, we have to learn to live within the limits of our planet and ensure that human rights are protected and respected. While Semcon’s best opportunity to contribute to a sustainable society is through our customer assignments, we work resolutely to reduce our climate and environmental footprint and we strive to ensure that people in our own operations and value chain are treated fairly and responsibly.

People – attractive and responsible employer

Our employees are a prerequisite for our success. To develop the best solutions, we need a diverse workforce with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. We work actively to provide a secure, healthy and inspiring workplace and our focus areas include health and well-being, diversity and inclusion as well as learning and professional development. The most important key figures in our employee survey have improved steadily in recent years. These key figures reflect well-being, loyalty and pride among employees, and include factors such as collaboration, diversity and inclusion, engagement, leadership and development. Read more about how we work to with these topics in our Sustainability Report 2022 (pages 24-32).

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Planet – towards net-zero and circular operations

At Semcon we have committed to halve our value-chain emissions by 2030 and be net-zero no later than 2040, with 2019 as the base year. Our Climate and Environmental Policy includes a commitment to the 1.5°C ambition of the Paris Agreement. While we are still subject to some post-pandemic effects, we have reduced our emissions by 43 % in 2022, compared to 2019. Our climate targets have been submitted to the Science Based Target initiative for their validation. Since 2019, we have mapped our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Our largest sources of emissions are employee commuting and business travel. Our activities to reduce emissions include a shift to renewable energy in our offices, a transition to an electric vehicle fleet, a remote work policy, low emission business travel and much more. When possible, we locate new offices nearby public transport hubs to enable our employees, as well as visitors, to commute by public transports. We also strive to adopt a circular mindset to keep office furniture and IT equipment in use as long as possible and participate in initiatives to enable a second life for parts of our IT equipment. Read more about our work to cut emissions and shift to circular business practices in our Sustainability Report 2022 (pages 33-35 and 67-69).

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Principles – responsible business conduct

Ethical business conduct is not only the right thing to do – it is also for the benefit of our business and a prerequisite for our strong reputation and brand. Responsible business practices create trust in relation to our business partners and help us to attract and retain the best and high skilled people within Semcon. Semcon has a group-wide compliance programme to manage legal and ethical risks linked to anti-corruption, fair competition, privacy and IT security. We set high requirements on ourselves and our customers, suppliers and other cooperation partners as further detailed in our Code of Conduct. We compete on the merits of our products and services and have zero tolerance against corruption and anti-competitive behaviours. Our suppliers are assessed towards the requirements in our Code of Conduct to ensure that they adhere to the same standards as Semcon in relation to labour and human rights, climate and environment and ethical business conduct. Privacy and IT security practices are implemented to ensure that we store, process and use personal data and third party confidential information in a responsible and secure manner. Read more about our work to ensure ethical business operations in our Sustainability Report 2022 (pages 38).

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Management System and Policies

Semcon’s Management System includes our Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and routines and documents regarding Occupational Health and Safety and Information Security. Our Management System includes relevant policies, processes, documents and information to meet requirements and ensure successful customer deliveries. The work performed is according to our Management System which is certified against ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485.

In addition to this we have certain internal policies, including a Health & Wellbeing Policy, a Diversity & Inclusion Policy, a Business Travel Policy, a Policy on Remote Work, an Information Security Policy and various privacy policies.

Whistleblower function

Through our whistleblower tool, which is managed by an independent third party, our co-workers and others can report suspected non-compliances of applicable law, our Code of Conduct and other potential material offences which they do not want to report through our ordinary channel. Read more in our Whistleblowing Policy.