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Data Management & AI

The extremely fast paced development within data management platforms and AI tools is bringing unprecedented opportunities for all types of organisations to capitalize on their data in ways we couldn’t imagine a few years ago. Do you know how to make the most use out of your data?

Per Hagman, Semcon

Per Hagman

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Today, AI tools like ChatGPT can sort through vast amounts of data and present the end users with sophisticated answers and reasoning. At Semcon, we can help you with customised solutions that are either built around existing AI tools (e.g., generative AI tools) or solutions built from scratch according to your needs.

What needs an AI-based data management system might meet:

  • How companies can capitalise on their data
  • Data-driven ways to create new services and products
  • Product and production optimisation
  • Optimise flows, processes and logistics
  • Streamline internal processes and shorten lead times
  • Streamline service and maintenance
  • Improve business intelligence and operations
  • Open up for further data-driven solutions, for example AI solutions that need access to the right kind of data

AI solutions that benefit the end user

At Semcon, we put people before technology. Technology has no intrinsic value – what it gives to people is what makes it valuable. This is applicable to AI solutions as well. We always have to start with human needs if we are to develop relevant products. And as Semcon was an early adopter of machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL), we now have broad expertise and experience in the field. We have developed a number of advanced solutions for image processing and classification of objects from both camera and LIDAR sensors as part of our automotive AI projects.

Workshops to identify potential with AI

Knowledge of AI is required if you are to create a smart product or an autonomous machine, or if your production is to become part of the Industry 4.0 vision. In a Data & AI Workshop with Semcon’s experts we work together to identify opportunities and design a strategy adapted to your business needs:

  • Learn the latest emerging trends of Data & AI

  • Discuss potential challenges and opportunities when including AI

  • Map emerging trends in Data & AI to a selection of challenges and opportunities

Semcon is currently collaborating with customers that are used to working with AI solutions, as well as companies that have just begun their journey in this regard. AI is something that all companies have to take a stance on, and there is potential everywhere – in image/text/voice processing, process/production/logistics optimisation and predictive analysis and maintenance, for instance.

Cutting-edge AI research

Semcon focuses on research into AI and is involved in a number of research projects. This keeps us in touch with the latest trends and findings in the field, which creates a strong sense of security among our customers.

“The development and results that we have seen over the past few years are breathtaking and demonstrate that machine learning is a fantastic tool when it comes to solving problems. That said, a better understanding of the models is needed before they can be used in safety-critical applications”

- Jens Henriksson, PhD specialising in verification of deep learning

A number of our research projects deal with what needs to be done before we can use machine learning in safety-critical applications, such as in autonomous cars, for instance.