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Cyber Security

In today’s connected society, where everything – from your watch to your home and vehicle – is online, cyber threats and attacks are steadily increasing. All connected devices and systems are vulnerable, and as more and more industries are enforcing cyber security regulations, companies need to stay on top of their security strategies.

Mohammad Islam

Team Manager

Cyber Security

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Semcon offers expertise in various ISO standards from the automotive, industry, cloud and energy sectors. Together with our partners in various disciplines, we use simple and sophisticated processes to ensure your business is in compliance with all applicable regulations.

We offer on-site consultants and services, and satellite solutions to execute activities such as penetration testing and pre-audit assessments.

- Mohammad Islam, Head of Cyber Security at Semcon

Cyber Security certificate

Semcon can also provide training for employees, including certification within automotive (ISO21434), IT (ISO27001), industry (IEC 62443) and medical device (IEC 62304).

Our competences:

  • Principal product cyber security engineering
  • Penetration testing
  • Threat intelligence expertise

World leading partners within cyber security

Semcon has been partnering with Karamba Security since 2022. Karamba Security works globally with the IoT and mobility sectors to help companies meet demands in fulfilling the ISO-21434 and UN R155 regulations. Combined with Semcon’s software expertise and experience from other industries, such as energy, manufacturing and life science, and its strong presence in the Nordic market, the joint venture is able to support a wide range of customers.