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Energy optimisation

Pay only for the energy your business needs. It is not uncommon for industries today to have up to 25% higher energy use than is needed to conduct their business. This results in both unnecessary expenses and an environmental impact that is higher than necessary.

Cay Åsberg, Semcon

Cay Åsberg

Team Manager Energy

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Energy efficiency for increased security

The uncertainties surrounding future energy prices mean that the economic effects of excessive energy use are becoming increasingly apparent. Previously rare types of problems in the energy system such as temporary power shortages are something that can lead to real problems. In order to be well prepared and reduce the impact on the business in the event of disruptions in energy deliveries or prices, it is therefore important to take control of energy use. Is the business at risk of loss of production? If so, how can the risk or consequence of it be minimized?

Energy audit – for a more sustainable future

In close cooperation with our customers, Semcon looks at its operations in terms of energy use, processes and operational and strategic planning.

We then deliver a basis for further work in the area to ensure the sustainable development of your business in terms of energy use.

- Cay Åsberg, Energy Auditor

Semcon can also continue the cooperation and support in the implementation of the delivered plan.

The deliveries of this are:

  • Time- and resourced plan for the implementation of EKL

  • Comprehensive and detailed mapping and reporting to the Swedish Energy Agency

  • Costed action proposals for energy efficiency

  • Recommendation and comprehensive plan for the implementation of measures to ensure and a long-term energy strategy

  • Final reporting to the business and the Swedish Energy Agency

Regardless of whether your company is covered by the law or belongs to SMEs (small, medium-sized enterprises), there is much to be gained in terms of increased energy performance and reduced energy use. Greater knowledge and understanding of energy flows within your processes, buildings and transports provides good conditions for a more profitable and sustainable future for your organization.

It is not only living up to the legal requirements of the authorities that is necessary. Today, there are several stakeholders affected by your use such as investors, employees and citizens. Properly handled, this will also be a positive part of your stakeholder dialogue and narrative.

Certified energy mapping

Semcon has the experience and expertise required for both initial energy audits and long-term energy collaborations. Together with our certified surveyors, you create a picture of the company’s energy use, identify and implement improvement measures and draw up a strategic energy plan. Energy cooperation with Semcon provides control and shows how strategic decisions can result in major savings with short payback times.

Do you want to strengthen your competitiveness and develop sustainably through lower energy consumption, lower costs, lower environmental impact and increased trust? Talk to Semcon and make it an opportunity to streamline and improve for the future.

The Act (2014:266) on energy auditing in large companies, EKL, can be seen as a burden or opportunity. The mapping itself is an obligation, but the result is often increased efficiency, a better working environment, increased reliability, lower environmental impact and reduced costs.

Strengthen the sustainability profile of the business

To strengthen the company’s environmental profile, it is common to set sustainability goals. Energy efficiency is a simple measure that your business can take to gain better control of energy use and thereby achieve set sustainability goals. Semcon can map where energy is used and analyse which measures provide the best energy efficiency in relation to payback time.

  • Take control of energy use, spending and climate impact

  • Achieve set efficiency goals in the short and long term

  • Be prepared in a changing world

  • Become a sustainable role model

Strategic energy efficiency

Semcon has certified expertise and solid experience of energy auditing in many different types of operations. We advocate that energy issues are integrated into the strategic planning of operations and together with you we develop a long-term energy plan with clear guidelines that are advantageously implemented in your existing management system. The energy efficiency process is about studying and mapping the energy use in both the product development and the manufacturing process as well as the premises where the business is conducted. It then analyses what measures can be taken to reduce energy use at the lowest possible cost, followed by the implementation of the measures.