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Nuclear Power

After hydroelectric power, nuclear power is the second largest source of fossil-free electricity in Sweden. This also goes for the rest of the world.

Cay Åsberg, Semcon

Cay Åsberg

Team Manager Energy

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Development and roll-out of renewable energy solutions is important, but all fossil-free energy types are needed to reach the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, including nuclear power. Nuclear power contributes to system stability and predictable electricity. It is important to improve existing nuclear power and at the same time develop new nuclear power technology (SMR – Small Modular Reactor / AMR – Advanced Modular Reactor), which better utilizes the finite resources that nuclear power requires.

The future places great demands on sustainability in energy production and to meet future energy supply needs, the energy industry must be characterized by competence.

Semcon’s role

For almost two decades, Semcon has provided expertise in maintenance, project management and quality management to Swedish nuclear power-industry, all the way from nuclear fuel production and fuel design to final waste disposal. We are located near Swedish nuclear industry with offices in Gothenburg, Oskarshamn, Uppsala, and Västerås.

Our expertise in Nuclear Power

For almost 20 years, Semcon has worked within Swedish nuclear power in areas such as:

  • Project- quality- and requirements management

  • Risk analysis

  • Electrical design

  • Operation and maintenance management

  • Documentation and review

  • Fuel design

In addition to our expertise in nuclear power, Semcon also offers expert knowledge in a variety of other areas such as XLPM (project management), quality management, validation, verification, documentation, etc.

What happens to the waste?

Low-, intermediate-, and high-level radioactive waste is handled in different ways, and since the highly active used fuel must be stored for 100,000 years, the industry is greatly safety-driven. The question of waste is one of the more polarizing questions within nuclear power and SKB expects the final repository to be able to receive its first delivery in the early 2030s. For several years, Semcon has had resources at SKB contributing their expertise in the maintenance of the existing nuclear waste repository.

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Anna Nordelöf

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Cay Åsberg, Semcon

Cay Åsberg

Team Manager Energy

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