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Release webinar for XLPM 3.8

A presentation of what’s new in XLPM Online with project manager Jens Olow, June 12th 1430-1500.


We have been working on the next release of XLPM, version 3.8, for some time now! Release date is Wednesday, June 5. Welcome to a webinar about what’s new and improved.

The release focuses on the following changes:

  • New text and illustrations that provide support in choosing how an initiative can be divided and managed.

  • New text has been added about how AI is expected to affect projects and project managers' work in the future.

  • The information under the Overview area has been restructured and divided into areas.

  • A new section with information on how to combine a project methodology and project management tools has been added.

  • Changes have been made to texts linked to the project's tollgate decisions.

  • Changes have also been made to texts and illustrations linked to the program's gate decisions.

  • A new image has been added showing a graph that can be used to track work with a Kanban board.

  • The illustration showing the Plan project or phase activity has been updated.

  • A new template for the program organization has been added.

  • XLPM Online's accessibility has been increased by adding ALT texts to all images.

In addition to the above, we take the opportunity, as usual, to improve texts and images to facilitate the use of XLPM Online. The webinar will be recorded.

Best regards, The Development Team at Project Excellence by Semcon

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Emma O.Westerberg

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