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How do we make sure AI makes the right decisions?

Jens Henriksson, PhD within Deep Learning Outlier Detection, has spent more than four years researching the verification of deep learning in safety critical applications. An area as relevant for self-driving vehicles as for the use of AI in medicine. To harness the full potential of AI, we must make sure we understand how our AI systems act when faced with something they have not encountered before.


Is this webinar you will:

  • Learn about how successful data management is done. Many companies have the data but don't know how to turn it into actionable insights.

  • Get practical examples of how machine learning and AI models are used (not always optimally) today.

  • Learn about a method to assign safety requirements to deep learning models and evaluate how they behave when working with unfamiliar data.

Watch our webinar with our experts Jens Henriksson and Leif Sandström.

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Per Hagman

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