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Making the world a little bit better

Making the world a little bit better – each day. That is something Magnus Andersson, project manager at Semcon, is passionate about and try to do through his projects. Whether it is regarding indoor ventilation or electrical vehicles.


The earth’s population is increasing at a rapid pace. This pushes our world to its limits. The yearly ecological consumption overshoot 2018 was around 1.7 times earths capacity to regenerate renewable natural resources. This means that human behaviour need to change!

Since we at Semcon develop products based in human behaviour, we should be a perfect fit to do something about this. Right? #savetheworld

Here are three projects, that I am part of, which I believe make the world a better place.

Decreasing energy consumption by controlling ventilation on demand

Indoor ventilation is a big energy consumer. Heating in colder climates and cooling in warmer climates. To decrease the ecological footprint, modern ventilation systems are optimized on comfort, air quality and energy consumption.

I am leading a team here at Semcon that develop Swegons next generation platform for controlling smart indoor ventilation. The system, called Wise, keeps track of how a building is utilized and regulates the ventilation based on the demand in real time. Thus decreasing the energy consumption without decreasing the comfort for end users.

Switching to an electrical vehicle is easier when you know where to charge

The number of electrical vehicles on our streets is exploding. Car companies release new electrical vehicles almost weekly. Amazing! All these vehicles need somewhere to charge their batteries. At home, at work, at the grocery store, along our highways.

Almost all charging stations are connected wirelessly to a cloud based business system. I lead a project that develop Bee Charging Solution’s new cloud solution. The new and flexible system is responsible for authorizing charges, managing subscriptions, customers, cards, etc. It also generates customer invoices, sends out statistics to end users and aid Bee:s customer support by allowing them to monitor transactions and remotely control the chargers.

Solar cells are a good investment – even in Sweden

A good way to supply your electrical vehicle with green energy is to install solar panels on the roof of your house.

In rough figures, a typical Swedish villa with a south facing roof have a return of investment in about 10-15 years.

I currently help the municipal energy company Uddevalla Energi to form an offer around solar cells and charging solution for electrical vehicles. This includes everything from setting a business model, choosing the right technical solution to forming a solid graphical profile.

About Magnus

  • Title: Project Manager and Business Developer

  • Education: Chalmers

  • Worked at Semcon since: 2011

  • I have most fun at work when I…: Develop products that make the world a better place.

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