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eMobility Scrum Master leading the shift towards electrification

Love Gunnarsson is working as a Scrum Master for an eMobility project at Semcon HQ in Gothenburg, leading a team of seven highly talented engineers. Love is a XLPM certified project leader and throughout his career so far he has tried out different roles in locations within Semcon. Read his story about how he found his path as an engineer.


Growing up I always dreamt of creating something new and finding a way of expressing my creativity. I wanted to become an inventor or work with something where I could create and grow. As I grew up in a smaller city I also dreamt of exploring and seeing new places. After finishing upper secondary school (“gymnasiet” in Swedish) I wasn’t sure what to do. I applied to several schools and completely different university programs. One program I applied for was architecture in Luleå, my grandfather was an architect designing buildings and churches around Sweden, so when I got accepted to the university program I packed my bags and flew up to the north.

But, after one year I realised that architecture wasn’t for me. Instead, I went to England for some time trying to find out what I wanted to do with my life. When my sister recommended me to apply for a university program in development engineering on the west coast I did and got accepted. Since then I have been pursuing a path as an engineer and as a product developer. At Semcon I really feel like I can continue on my path as an engineer and grow as a person.

Love Gunnarsson, Scrum Master at Semcon

I’m now working as a Scrum Master, leading a team of 7 highly talented Semcon eMobility engineers. In the eMobility project we are currently working on, we as a team has faced many challenges and we really have had to push ourselves to our limits. Working with eMobility we are part of our customers journey toward the electrification of an entire industry that will lead to a more sustainable planet. At Semcon we are proud of helping our customer making this shift.

Working as a Scrum Master suits me well. I facilitate our Scrum ceremonies and VP (virtual planning) that we have each morning. I help the team administrate the tasks for each sprint and organize our backlog. I make sure our team prioritize the most important tasks and enables so that everyone in the team has a manageable workload. Part of my job is also to improve our way of working, coach the team, overcome obstacles and remove impediments for the team.

I started my journey at Semcon in Lilla Essingen, Stockholm on a sunny day in August 2018. I had gotten hold of an apartment in Kungsholmen and was living the big city life in Stockholm, going out to concerts and restaurants with my friends and my girlfriend. My first assignment for Semcon was as Project Engineer in Liljeholmen. I could easily go there with my bike in less than 15 minuters from Kungsholmen over “Västerbron” as in a Thomas Stenström song. An advantage working as a consultant is that you get to try out a lot of different assignments. After Liljeholmen I had the pleasure working in Södertälje as EDS Engineer at a leading vehicle manufacturer. I’m thankful for the opportunities my time at Semcon has provided me with, like working in different cities and meeting many inspiring colleagues.

In 2019 I decided I wanted to move to Gothenburg and work at Semcon’s Headquarters. My transition to Gothenburg from Södertälje went really well and I have my colleagues to thank for the great onboarding that I received in Gothenburg. As a team we have managed to deliver in spite of the pandemic and other hardships that we have faced. The Semcon team has performed well even though we haven’t been able to travel as frequently and as we have had to work a lot from home. I’m now looking forward to many more challenges to come, and to enjoy concerts and social gatherings again together with my great colleagues after the pandemic.

About Love

  • Name: Love Gunnarsson

  • Title: Scrum Master

  • Education: Development Engineer – Product development with focus on business development, entrepreneurship and industrial economy.

  • Worked at Semcon since: 2018 – Started in Stockholm, Lilla Essingen worked in Södertälje at customer site and is now working at Semcon Headquarters in Gothenburg, Lindholmen. Love is a XLPM certified project leader and has worked as an electrical engineer, product developer, mechanical design engineer and with production development at Semcon.

  • I have most fun at work when I: Feel I have a great workflow, creating a new design or developing an idea or having a great discussion with a colleague.

  • My best advice for newly graduated engineers: Don’t be afraid of trying out new roles and assignments. Sometimes it takes time to really know what role fits you best. Also trying out different roles gives you an added perspective and understanding of different way of working. Being a consultant is a good way to start your career and to try out many different roles.

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