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Chemistry & Lifecycle solutions

Circular and non-toxic material flows are key to a long-term profitable and innovative business model that can meet increasingly stringent sustainability regulations. Goodpoint, part of the Semcon Group, supports you all the way, from reviewing and helping you comply with regulations, to process development, market positioning and communication.

Magnus Boman, Semcon

Magnus Boman

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Meeting sustainability requirements

Compliance is the first step towards circularity and non-toxicity.

We handle both global and national regulatory monitoring and compliance checks. Our experts offer step-by-step guidance through applicable regulations such as the EU chemical legislation REACH and a wide range of other environmental assessments.

Examples of services:

  • Training in existing and announced legislation
  • Review of documentation, reporting and declaration
  • Basis for assessment for BASTA, Byggvarubedömningen and SundaHus

Risk management

Need help with chemical inventories, risk assessments and substitution investigations? Semcon is there to help your business avoid risks and work smarter. We also develop chemical strategies and provide training in the field of chemicals.

Examples of services:

  • Support in the preparation of safety data sheets and labelling

  • Strategy development

  • Risk assessment

  • Stocktaking

Strengthen your circular business model

A circular business model is an innovative business model. Perhaps a new product can be made from production waste?

Examples of services:

  • Product and service development

  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

  • Life cycle analysis

  • Investigation in line with set environmental goals

  • Internal & external communication

Become a role model

A business at this stage operates based on a circular business model and thus contributes to a resource-efficient world.

In this phase, we assist with further product and business development, target-group adjustments, PR, communication and marketing. We support the positioning of your circular brand as an industry leader and role model.

Examples of services:

  • Certification of buildings with Miljöbyggnad and Svanen.

  • Communication – internal and external

  • Market positioning

  • Employer branding