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Welcome to Goodpoint in Nässjö! Goodpoint is one of Sweden's leading sustainability consulting companies since 2022 part of the Semcon Group.

Semcon has for more than 40 years developed physical products, production environments and digital services. Over the years, we have evolved along with technology, broadening and deepening both our digital skills and our expertise in the field of sustainability.

Today, we are in a unique position to help companies and organisations on their entire journey towards more sustainable operations - from climate and environment to social sustainability.

Read more about our offerings within Sustainable Business.

Interested in joining Semcon?

What makes Semcon unique is a strong, welcoming and inclusive company culture. We are people who put people first, which not only applies to the end users who use the technology, but also in relationships with colleagues, customers and business partners. Check out our job vacancies in the list below - or just get in touch if you have any questions!


Magnus Boman, Semcon

Magnus Boman

Managing Director


Job openings in Nässjö