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Our culture at Semcon.

The greatness of technology is determined by the value it adds to those who use it. And how it supports a sustainable existence here on earth. That is why, for us at Semcon it is important to always start from the human perspective when we develop technology. People first, then technology. But how is this attitude reflected in our company culture?

What makes Semcon unique is a strong, welcoming and inclusive company culture. A culture that forms the basis for inspired, curious and engaged employees who are constantly looking for new knowledge. We know that the transition to a sustainable future requires us to rethink – and bring new ideas and perspectives to technology development. We are also people who put people first, which not only applies to the end users who use the technology, but also in relationships with colleagues, customers and business partners. Our culture makes working with us special. And it makes Semcon successful as a company.

WATCH VIDEO: Have a look at our film where we describe our company culture some more.

Inspired colleagues = success

It all starts with inspiration. Inspired colleagues, who are enjoying their work and feeling a sense of commitment, provides the perfect foundation for development of excellent technological solutions.

We think it is important that you can be yourself at work. And that others listen to and respect you when you speak your mind. We welcome diversity, because we know that we need to understand all kinds of people if we’re to develop products for all kinds of end users.

Our six values principles

Our values principles define our culture, they’re based on who we are and emphasise everything we stand for.

  • Inspiration is at the very heart of everything we do. Inspired people are destined to constantly broaden their perspectives and drive innovation.

  • We believe in the power of collaboration. Teamwork built on trust and engagement is key to success. Because we are always stronger when working together.

  • We embrace diversity. People with different backgrounds and experiences make us see things from various perspectives. With every new perspective, we broaden our understanding of human behaviour.

  • It is our conviction that we make the world a better place – a little bit every day. We create sustainable solutions that improve lives all over the world.

  • We believe that work needs to be fun. Because fun is the basis of creativity and it makes people want to go to work. We always strive to have a healthy work environment in which people enjoy themselves.

  • Good relationships mean good business. Which is why we constantly aim to challenge and exceed customer expectations in everything we do. Always people first.

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