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224 78 Lund

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On Fältspatsgatan Street, in Lund, you will find a growing office with working on a wide range of assignments in multiple areas, from embedded systems to front-end development. Get to know an important part of Semcon's international network!

From the local to the global

Semcon’s clients currently range from leading stakeholders in the telecom, automotive and retail sectors, to exciting startups and niche actors in life science.

The office has been established for around 20 years, and its major focus on software development and digitalisation is only growing larger by the day.

In 2021 Semcon acquired the Malmö based IT company Tedsys AB. With its expertise in system development, it further strengthens our digital offering and becomes an important part of Semcon’s growing activities in southern Sweden.

You come here to build something. Everyone has something important to contribute, and you will play an important role.

- Robert Eriksson, Area Manager, Engineering & Digital Services

Are you curious about working in Lund?

We place great focus on creating good cohesion, with activities and skills development for all colleagues. At the office in Lund, you will get the chance to participate in an exciting journey, where our offer is under constant development.

Between colleagues, and in all meetings with our clients, the focus is on the individual’s needs, ability and potential. We are looking for people who can help shape who we become, both now and in the future.


Robert Eriksson, Semcon

Robert Eriksson

Area Manager


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