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Energy solutions for a greener future

From large energy facilities to small and local ones – we support all sorts of customers in the energy sector on their journeys towards sustainable and renewable energy solutions. We combine experience in traditional electricity production with digital expertise in monitoring, data management and visualisation.

At Semcon you…

  • find a great work/life balance.

  • work in exciting projects with global customers, that varies over time.

  • work either in-house or at our customer’s sites helping our customers to develop solutions that make a real difference in peoples’ lives.

  • work in teams with people who are experts in their field.

  • get the opportunity to join internal networks within energy.

  • get a leader who is there for you, helping you navigate your professional development.

In our teams we need people who want to work with:

Energy audits, Electrical engineering, Product development, Energy consumption, District heating, Quality Assurance, Electrical documentation, Nuclear power, Electrical construction, Fuel cells, Project Management, Validation, Solar, Verification, Energy efficiency, Hydrogen gas, Electrical grid and much more.

Right now we have these job opportunities

If you don’t find the job for you, send us your information and we’ll see what job might fit you.

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Kicki Björ


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