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Flexible delivery models.

Different needs require different solutions; it’s as simple as that. Our customers work in various industries and environments, and they all have different needs. Therefore, we adapt our delivery models to provide the best match for you, our customer. If you have specific requirements, just let us know, we are here for you!

Project/Team Deliveries

We can deliver a solution by setting up a team, with the right competencies, to complete a project within the given time frame and budget. Semcon provides project management and takes on the responsibility for driving the project towards the targets defined together with the customer. Our experience within a wide range of different industries and areas of expertise gives the customer a clear advantage – they are given the optimal project team based on customer technical requirements and cost demands. We can use our satellite solutions to set up the most suitable way of working for your organisation.

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Specialist services

We provide specialists at both customers’ sites and at our offices, where we offer a vast amount of skills within engineering, digital and sustainability services. A complete chain of services including for example, product idea generation, life cycle analysis, design, mechanical construction, embedded services and lean running production.

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Johanna Stenfeldt

Country Manager Sweden


Sara Sjögren, Semcon

Sara Sjögren

Country Manager Sweden

East & South

Frode Christiansen, Semcon

Frode Christiansen

Manager Sales and Business Development

Fabricio Campos, Semcon

Fabricio Campos

Country Manager Brazil