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We’re a tech company dedicated to help you take your next technological leap. The process, tools and methods we’ve fine-tuned over 40 years play their part. But it’s our people who give us an edge – the collected expertise and curiosity of our skilled engineering teams are available to you.


Things are moving faster. Especially within tech. We can help you stay in front by forming a flexible and multidisciplinary core team of experts with just the right skills for your development project. We’ll take responsibility for the entire process, regardless of where you are when you hand it over. Ensuring that all requirements are fulfilled and that we use the right methodology to create competitive solutions for the future. All in a tight, transparent, and agile partnership where you have full control over the process, timing, budget and deliveries from our project leaders.

For many of our customers we have a managed service setup, where we at Semcon take responsibility for one or several of the customers’ non-core functions. Sometimes we are the customer´s sole R&D department. Or function as a flexible support to the customer’s entire project portfolio and ensure the development speed needed to stay in the forefront. Sometimes the customer sit together with the team at the Semcon office to benefit from that extra focus on the development and interaction with our surrounding experts.


The perspectives we collect from different industries are a treasure, since we all sit together, talk to each other and strive to challenge old truths and solve problems in new ways. It’s a collective problem-solving power that comes from gathering a bunch of different tech freaks in the same building. And we often see how an idea from one industry can push another several steps forward.


Your core team is dedicated to you and you have one contact throughout the project as well as a supporting steering group for optimal follow up. You also have instant access to experts in almost any tech field. Because they work here too. That way, we can support the project with expertise whenever needed, short or long term, in order to keep your project moving forward snoothly. Your contact will keep you updated with daily, weekly and monthly check-ins, we set it up to suit you. All decisions are made together with you, and we’re happy to work agile under your direction.


If you need our drive for several projects, we’re happy to set up a satellite team for you. You’ll get a lead engineer and project manager who take responsibility for staffing up with the right people, skills, facilities and equipment you need. You only pay for the people in your satellite, but your project is backed up by all of us. If a special skill or expert is needed, we have it and will add it for as long as it’s needed. The benefit to you is the speed, the access to vast expertise, not least thanks to the latest talent from universities and the many scientific research projects we’re involved in.

What’s in it for you:

  • Development speed

  • All competence areas needed for complete development projects

  • Vast experience

  • Best practice from other industries

  • Technological expertise in forefront

  • Established and easy way-of-working

  • Transparent process where you have control of all your projects

  • Agile approach to constantly adapt to best ways of working

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