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The first cornerstones of a quality management system

Semcon has supported the analysis company e-Sense Sweden AB in laying the first cornerstones for their quality management system in accordance with ISO: 17025. The focus has been to start from the organisation’s conditions and build simple processes that can grow as the company develops.


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e-Sense Sweden AB is a contract laboratory founded in 2016. The company specialises in the characterisation of flavour and fragrance substances, texture and other sensory parameters of food and packaging materials using chemical analyses.

A system that benefits the business

A quality management system is often described as the hub of an organisation and involves a collection of techniques, processes, and methods for how an organisation should control, lead and develop the overall quality of its activities. If the system is built up correctly, it will benefit the business and make it easier for the organisation to navigate towards its objectives, to allocate the right resources where needed and to regularly evaluate the activities. But a management system can also make things more difficult, instead of help, by making the work inefficient and administratively cumbersome. When it was time for e-Sense Sweden AB to build up its management system, the choice fell on Semcon.

Semcon has good local representation and can work with flexible solutions. They’re really nice people as well!

– Mathias Lundgren, Founder of e-Sense Sweden AB

Semcon’s delivery

A team consisting of a senior QA expert, a project and quality manager, a document reviewer and a consultant with laboratory experience worked together to develop a quality policy, quality manual and the basic structure for the governing and accounting documents and associated registers.

Semcon built the foundation of the quality system with a ‘good enough strategy’. It gave me a good understanding of how the ISO system would be used, without overworking the documentation.

– Mathias Lundgren, Founder of e-Sense Sweden AB

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