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Quality assurance of hair care and cosmetic products for Grazette

For more than 30 years, Swedish company Grazette has offered a complete range of hair care products to the hairdressing industry. The work on quality is extensive, and when Grazette needed to replace its quality manager, they contacted Semcon for fast and secure assistance.


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All of Grazette’s operations are located in Sweden and, in addition to hair care products, the company also produces body and face beauty products and tailors products for external companies, such as spa centres. The products fall under the Cosmetics Regulation and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Cosmetics, ISO 22716, which set high requirements for processes and quality assurance. Grazette also produces a medical device for one customer, where the requirements are even higher with recurring audits.

Experience in quality assurance

When Grazette’s quality manager left the company, they needed someone experienced who could quickly assume responsibility for the ongoing quality work – and that is exactly what they found in Karin Orhaug, a consultant at Semcon.

“Karin quickly became part of the organisation and took on the extensive work as quality manager in an exemplary manner. It has been very valuable for us to acquire the right skills in such a short space of time, as recruiting a new quality manager takes time. Semcon and Karin have proved to be a good solution for us, which has meant we have avoided disruption to our manufacturing process”, says Hans Algeskog, CEO Grazette”.

The work as quality manager has mainly consisted of:

  • to maintain and further develop the existing quality management system

  • to provide GMP training to new employees and an annual update for other staff

  • to lead internal and external audits

  • to plan and lead the management review (evaluation of the management system)

  • to lead and manage deviations

  • to review and approve documentation for the medical device

"It has been an exciting challenge to work close to the centre of events and at a fast pace. In just a few months, a number of audits have been carried out at Grazette. My experience from working with several different quality systems in the pharmaceutical industry has allowed me to provide optimal support to the customer." says Karin Orhaug, Senior QA Manager at Semcon.

In August 2021, Lyko Group bought 90% of the shares in Grazette. Lyko is the Nordic region’s largest beauty specialist and operates an e-commerce platform and 30 hairdressing salons in Sweden. The company also has activities in Norway, Finland and five other European countries and has the ambition to become market leader in Europe.

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