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The design strategy behind award winning scientific instruments

Semcon’s design team has developed the strategic Design Guidelines for Biolin Scientific’s product range of instruments for scientists. Not only did the strategy pave the way for user-friendly products, it also resulted in a prestigious design award.


IndustryLife Science

CompetencesDesign & User ExperienceStrategic Business Design


The optical tensiometer Attension Theta Flex is a Contact angle meter which measures, for example, wettability of a surface. This affects many everyday situations like painting a wall or using medicine. Wettability of a surface can be improved by various surface treatments and to determine the good-enough level for the surface treatment contact angle measurements are used. The tensiometer is just one of Biolin Scientific’s products developed for scientists and industry professionals within surface analysis. When the company in 2017 identified a need to establish a coherent experience of their brand and products Semcon got the assignment to help figure out the way forward.

User-friendly medtech

A design strategy coordinates the business goals with design development.The Biolin Design Guideline from Semcon were based on brand, user and product research through interviews, studies and analysis. These insights were then processed and formed into definitions, tools and design examples to connect brand values down to a coherent and user friendly design language.

In 2020 Biolin and the Attension Theta Flex received a Red Dot: Best of the Best, for its ground-breaking design at the prestigious design competition Red Dot Award for Product Design.

Semcon’s competences/delivery in the project:

  • Design management

  • User research

  • Strategic research and analysis

  • Strategic industrial design

  • Guideline definition and communication

Strategic Business Design at Semcon

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About Biolin Scientific

Biolin Scientific is a worldwide company making instruments and smart solutions for scientists. In collaboration with leading universities and industries Biolin Scientific solves challenges to simplify the everyday life in the lab. The customers are the experts in surface science, and Biolin Scientific provides the tools for them to progress.

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