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Design for tough use

Ascom d83 can handle being dropped from a height of two metres onto concrete. Twelve times. The phone has been created for environments that place the greatest demands on durability – such as prisons, industry, and mines. And that should be reflected in its design, which Semcon was entrusted to handle for Ascom.



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Ascom is a global supplier of communication solutions for environments that require mobility, specially adapted systems, and a high level of precision. Their solutions are targeted at hospital personnel, but also at professional users in many other sectors. When their most robust phone, Ascom d81, was to be replaced with a new model, the choice once again fell to Semcon’s design department through a procurement. Semcon has a decades-long collaboration with Ascom, and over the years, Semcon has gained renewed trust by winning several procurements. "We want to work with the best, which is why we regularly conduct structured procurements with representatives from the entire company and even from among our customers. Semcon has stood out through the years with their proposals, and has now done so once again." says Ann-Louise Jutebrant, Global Product Manager, Ascom.

Touch is out

The working environments that Ascom d83 has to function in mean that a standard phone is not enough. Durability is more important, but the phone must also be easy to use, ergonomic and reliable. It’s also important that the phone’s design makes it clear that it can withstand great ordeals. The challenge for Semcon’s design department was to create a design that reconciles the phone’s tough profile with its requirements for user-friendliness and function.

Design partner for Ascom’s entire product portfolio

The collaboration on Ascom d83 is the latest in a long series of projects that Semcon has worked on with Ascom. This long relationship has led to a deep understanding of each other, which has in turn made for effective work. Semcon has been active in Ascom’s entire product portfolio as well as in their long-term design strategy.

"Thanks to our many years of collaboration, Semcon knows us well. They know what is important for us and for our customers and we have a very short start-up time in the project. We also value their processes with tight frequent debriefings, which makes the work flow smoothly." says Ann-Louise Jutebrant, Global Product Manager, Ascom.

A dedicated team

As soon as Semcon was re-elected as design partner, a team was formed with specialists in Design from Semcon, and UX, product owners and development teams from Ascom.

Semcon’s delivery

  • Design concept

  • 3D-modelling

  • Visualisation

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