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Sustainability consulting for Roxtec

Sustainability experts Goodpoint, which are part of the Semcon Group, have supported seal manufacturer Roxtec with consulting and training in chemicals and materials.



CompetencesSustainable Strategy & Change


Roxtec is a global actor that supplies complete sealing solutions for cable and pipe penetrations to a number of different sectors, including construction and railway infrastructure. Their products are used on land, at sea and underground. Goodpoint’s role as advisor is to ensure that Roxtec’s various products can be released on the market and to work to make them part of a circular flow.

The assignment

Goodpoint acts as sustainability advisor on behalf of seal manufacturer Roxtec. We ensure legal compliance surrounding the use of chemicals in their products and during production. We provide consulting and training on the products’ contents, what applies in production and applicable laws and rules. Our common goal is to minimise hazardous substances and create a circular production flow.


Goodpoint surveys the material content in Roxtec’s products and the materials used in product manufacturing. An important part of this work is ensuring that the products meet applicable legal requirements at the national and global levels. We offer specialist expertise in several areas – environmental impact, chemicals content and working environment. We set up procedures and instructions so that production can flow under good conditions.

Goodpoint's delivery

  • Performed a gap analysis of the products’ content

  • Conducted assessments of the products’ content

  • Carried out global legal compliance checks for chemical products

  • Performed risk assessments for the handling of chemical products in operations

  • Developed, reviewed and updated safety data sheets for Roxtec for over 20 countries

  • Conducted investigations into completed and planned construction alterations, which means that we identify potential environmental risks and make reports to authorities

  • Developed procedures and instructions for the ISO 14001 environmental management system

  • Surveyed Roxtec’s material contents based on climate impact

  • Compiled registers of products in BASTA and Byggvarubedömningen (assessment system for building and construction products)

  • Made reports to the SCIP database and Swedish Products Register

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