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Substitute sustainability specialist and climate consulting for Vitrolife

Goodpoint, which is part of the Semcon Group, has acted as substitute sustainability specialist on behalf of Vitrolife Sweden, with the aim of ensuring continued advances in the company’s sustainability work. The substitute expert role has involved collaboration and development of sustainability initiatives at Vitrolife Sweden, with a primary focus on due diligence in the supplier chain and climate reporting.


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The two pillars of the assignment have been gap analysis and impact assessment connected with due diligence, as well as climate reporting. Goodpoint has mapped the company’s current working methods and made recommendations for measures to ensure preparation for legal compliance associated with the upcoming EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDD). Goodpoint has also conducted workshops and climate calculations in close collaboration with the company’s 40 different units around the world, to ensure good quality in the data compilation.


‘To bridge a parental leave, we enlisted the assistance of Goodpoint and could focus the work on specific workstreams for a period to guide operations forward. From a foundation of solid expertise, and with infectious engagement and cooperation, Goodpoint’s involved consultants brought both knowledge and insight,’ says Karin Russberg, SVP HR & Sustainability, Vitrolife Group, and continues:

‘Goodpoint has raised the sense of urgency to develop and adapt our ways of working. The design of the agreement enabled perfect flexibility for the support needs that arose in the organisation during the contracted period.’

The result

Goodpoint has developed an action plan for legal compliance with CSDD. Goodpoint concurrently developed an overview of significant risks at supplier level regarding human rights and the environment. On the climate front, a standardised tool has been developed to measure the Vitrolife Group’s GHG emissions.

Goodpoint has:

  • identified the company’s main sustainability risks in the supply chain

  • supported the purchasing organisation in developing sustainability targets

  • acted as advisor to create a systematic approach for delivery follow-up

  • performed a gap analysis of the company’s current working methods, policies and work processes

  • developed a data compilation template that can visualise the company’s emissions

  • created a climate calculation tool for Scopes 1, 2 and 3

  • held workshops and training for the company’s personnel on the company’s vital sustainability issues

  • contributed with ongoing guidance, support and expert advice.

Vitrolife Group develops, produces and markets products and services in reproductive health care, together with services providing personalised genetic information, to improve clinical practice in reproduction and fertility.

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