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OnDosis revolutionises the way patients take their medication

Difficulty in finding the right dose, swallowing, or even remembering to take them - OnDosis changes the way we take our medication. Their smart Dosage Manager makes it easy to take the right dose, at the right time. Semcon has contributed to its development with verification and validation, user experience, project coordination and software development.


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OnDosis is a spin-off from AstraZeneca and their network-connected Dosage Manager offers a range of services that optimises treatment results. Since the product must fulfill different dosage requirements, testing is crucial.


OnDosis solves the problem of dose optimisation for each patient, especially for children and in treatments where the dosing is complex. This is due, among other concerns, to the fact that medicines are often manufactured as pills with predetermined concentrations, which means that many patients have to physically split them or combine different concentrations on their own to achieve the correct individually tailored dose. This, in itself, also increases the risk of incorrect dosing.

A whole new way to take medication

OnDosis’s Dosage Manager allows the patient to take the correct individually tailored and precise dose in a range of different forms, for example granules, pellets and mini tablets. At the same time, the product gives the patient and healthcare staff the opportunity to follow up on treatments digitally. The company collaborates with leading pharmaceutical companies that work to treat diseases that place immense burdens on society. These include ADHD, Parkinson's and cancer. The requirements on OnDosis Dosage Manager are high, as the product must be supported by solid data to be approved for use.

From validation and testing to UX and digital interface

Semcon has contributed expertise in verification and validation, helping OnDosis to perform checks and tests that demonstrate to relevant authorities that OnDosis Dosage Manager meets the requirements set for medical devices.

In addition to two consultants in verification and validation, Semcon delivered a consultant in UX design, a consultant in project management and one in software development to this project. For Aili Larusson, a UX Designer, who worked on the digital interface, the challenge was to make Dosage Manager easy to use despite the small display of 128 by 128 pixels.

There is no "best practice" here because OnDosis is the first to hit the market with its product. The small display means that we have to prioritise and think thoroughly so that things are properly visible and that the user experience is intuitive, and Dosage Manager is easy to use for everyone.

- Aili Larusson, UX Designer at Semcon

Semcon’s delivery:

  • Verification and validation

  • UX Design

  • Project coordination

  • Software development

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