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Novel computer chassis for gamers

In 2023, Olicus unveiled their novel computer chassis to an enthusiastic crowd of gamers at the DreamHack festival in Jönköping, Sweden. This uniquely designed chassis is specially crafted to challenge the current appearance of computer chassis and simultaneously offer high cooling capacity. Semcon has supported its product development with expertise to create an effective and professional design.



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Olicus is a startup gaming technology company, and their pioneer product is the Octa V1 computer chassis. They have plans for more products in this area. ”Olicus develops high-quality technology products that combine unique design with functionality. We dare to challenge prevailing solutions and create new ones. For us, the design is an opportunity to improve performance, and we use it to refine expectations and test new ideas.” - Oliver Löfstrand, founder of Olicus


Octa V1’s unique shape is not only about aesthetics. The chassis is engineered for improved airflow, directing cool air exactly where the hardware needs it most. The design optimizes space, allowing easy installations and gives an impressive appearance.

Unique user-friendly design with the right functions

The challenge in the project has been to create a computer chassis that has both all the necessary functions while at the same time push the boundaries towards exciting new designs.

"For this type of product, it is important to achieve good technical solutions, such as cooling and robust construction, but at the same time remember that it is a consumer product that will often be in someone's home. Therefore, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing and have intuitive and smart design solutions."
- Rasmus Jansson, Mechanical Lead at Semcon

Semcon’s delivery in the project

Semcon Studios becomes the customer's external design and development department where a lead engineer is responsible for synchronizing needs with the customer, who then gains access to the expertise needed exactly for each specific project. For Olicus, Semcon has assisted with concept generation and construction in the development of the computer chassis.

For us as a startup, it is invaluable to have access to many different competencies under one roof.

- Oliver Löfstrand, founder of Olicus

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