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Medical technology designed for safer care

Healthcare development is progressing rapidly. As treatments become increasingly sophisticated, hospitals as places of work need to become more efficient, in the operating theatre or elsewhere. Semcon has worked on behalf of Getinge to develop a new design language for parts of the company’s Infection Control product range.


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Getinge is a global leader in the field of medical technology and supplies solutions for operating theatres, intensive care units, central sterile services departments and Life Science companies and institutions.

Product portfolio strategy

The partnership between Semcon and Getinge began in 2014, when a strategy was initially devised for clarifying and linking brand with product expression for Infection Control category products. In this field, Getinge develops products that ensure an efficient, fault-free, safe and trackable process. This strategy was to form a basis for the future product portfolio in this field. Work began on analysing environmental factors and competitors, but focused primarily on what hospital personnel needed. Installation and service technicians were also included in the user cohort.

We always maintain a holistic approach. It is easy to get caught up on details with complicated machine technology, but we set our sights higher and always focus on the needs of end customers.

– Emil Marklund, Senior Product Designer at Semcon

A design language for a modern hospital environment

Getinge offers a broad range of products, and every solution is unique. The challenge rests in establishing a design language that can be translated into all areas of the Getinge range of products. Creating clear, functional design elements that can be used on a long-term basis reinforces the brand and allows it to stand out from the rest.

There are many aspects that have to be taken into account when it comes to working in a hospital environment. New technology can offer more efficient workflows with no unnecessary accidents or problems, as well as making the process both safer and more straightforward. With Semcon’s focus on users, it is possible to see and identify behavioural patterns in how we interact with and react to technology. This is an advantage when devising user-friendly products that meet people’s varying needs.

One example of this kind of product is the Getinge 86 series, a smart range of washer-disinfectors. Semcon has worked on visual differentiation of model variants and designed an easy-to-use interface that requires less prior knowledge before using it. A great deal of emphasis has been placed on clear interaction fields and reducing the number of stainless steel panels so that the machine can be cleaned more easily in less time.

A future where medical technology is easy to use

Semcon and Getinge share an ambition to create innovative solutions that streamline care by making life easier for caregivers and enhancing patient safety. This common view has lead to enhanced partnership, with inclusion of Semcon services beyond strategy and design.

We don’t believe in persuading people how they should be using technology – instead, we look at how they want to use it.

– Emil Marklund, Senior Product Designer at Semcon

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