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Designing medtech for an easier life

Breathing difficulties due to injury or disease should not present an obstacle to day-to-day living. Breas is working to devise functional and practical products for patients who need respiratory therapy. The medical needs of these patients may vary in many instances, and instruments need to be able to cover a range of applications all at the same time.


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Semcon’s assignment has been to devise a completely new design concept for the launch of the Vivo 45, a ventilator designed for day-to-day life at home. The idiom has also been applied to other Breas products and forms a basis for future product development.

The project

When Semcon got involved, Breas had looked at a number of consultants but decided to go with Semcon’s unique perspective and the strength of its expertise.

For the Vivo 45, the starting point involved creating a patient-friendly product that was easy to use and navigate from home. The design of the device was small, compact and lightweight for mobile use so that patients could live active lives.

Connected and lightweight for everyday life

Patients are normal people who are ill for some reason. So they want instruments that are easy to use and make it easy for them to live at home.

– Roger Nyström, Product Manager at Breas

This is why every detail and function of the Vivo 45 supports mobility options. The patient-oriented design makes the Vivo 45 a compact, lightweight ventilator with a portable battery solution and integrated humidifier.

Besides the product, you will soon be able to access the EveryWare Tracker– an app that makes it possible for patients and caregivers to synchronise data and make it accessible to doctors and home delivery staff. This will help to improve cooperation between patients and doctors, and it is hoped that it will reduce the amount of time spent by patients in hospitals or the number of medical appointments. The connected system is one of the aspects that sets the Vivo 45 apart from previous Vivo products by Breas. It should be possible to access it via a computer, smartphone or tablet, and it comes with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Vivo 45 offers a broad range of functions, allowing it to provide support to more patients with various needs.

New technological opportunities in medical care

New technology brings with it new opportunities, not least when it comes to medicine and medical care. It is particularly important to listen to what customers need and facilitate new solutions that help patients live healthier, more social lives without unnecessary restrictions.

Semcon’s delivery:

  • Design concept

  • Strategy

  • Design and construction

  • Design prototype manufacture

  • Brand work

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