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The world’s tallest wooden wind turbine

Sweden has a new wind power tower – made of wood! Semcon has assisted the wood technology company Modvion with their development of a unique wooden structure for wind turbine towers. These towers built using modules of laminated wood enables taller installations than conventional steel. Making it possible to extract more electricity while reducing CO2 emissions from material logistics.



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In the fall/winter of 2023, Modvion will inaugurate the world’s tallest wooden wind turbine tower outside Skara. The tower is 105 meters high and the company’s first commercial wind power tower. Once the turbine is mounted the total height of the plant will be 150 metres. Modvion’s business concept utilizes the properties of wood and wood laminates in all possible situations. Here, the benefits are many. With modular wooden structures, it is possible to build taller towers than before, and thereby extract more electricity from each wind turbine. Additionally, logistics are simplified thanks to lighter materials and the fact that they are modular. CO2 emissions are also significantly reduced compared to steel and concrete towers.

We see ourselves as representatives of Swedish innovative power and a new green industry. By using Nordic sourced raw materials and Swedish technology, we can offer climate-neutral wind power to a growing global market.

- Otto Lundman, CEO of Modvion

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