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Consulting and development in sustainable governance for Varberg Energi

Goodpoint, which is part of the Semcon Group, has acted on behalf of Varberg Energi as sustainability advisor and operations developer along with the company’s quality, environment and work environment coordinator.

CustomerVarberg Energi


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Goodpoint has contributed with expertise in EU legislation and has analysed the company’s climate impact based on Scopes 1, 2 and 3. Goodpoint participated concurrently in the production of Varberg Energi’s 2022 sustainability report. Through these efforts, Goodpoint takes a holistic approach to Varberg Energi’s sustainability work.


Goodpoint conducts systematic surveys of Varberg Energi’s sustainability work.

"Our consultants develop materiality analyses, gap analyses and stakeholder analyses, in which different indicators and parameters are evaluated to find a suitable sustainability path forward. At the same time, we help the company set new sustainability goals and provide Varberg Energi with ongoing advice." says Magnus Boman, CEO at Goodpoint.

During the collaboration, Goodpoint held workshops that have raised the climate competence of Varberg Energi’s employees.

The result

Goodpoint has laid the foundation for effective sustainability work at Varberg Energi, both internally and externally. The work has given Varberg Energi a sustainability boost and helped the company actualise its high climate and sustainability ambitions. Together, we continue to put sustainability high on Varberg Energi’s agenda.

About Varberg Energi

Varberg Energi is owned by the municipality of Varberg and provides the municipality’s residents with power mains, gas, district heating, broadband and IT services. Innovation and sustainability are in Varberg Energi’s DNA, and they work actively to create more sustainable energy solutions for all of Sweden. Read more.

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