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Chemical and environmental advisor for Svenska Träskyddsföreningen

Goodpoint – sustainability experts and part of the Semcon Group – has for several years been an advisor to Svenska Träskyddsföreningen (Swedish Wood Protection Association). In this role, the Goodpoint team has authored the Environmental Handbook for treated timber, to spread information about treated wood products and summarise the requirements placed on them, through both legislation and voluntary environmental assessment criteria.

CustomerSvenska Träskyddsföreningen


CompetencesChemistry & Lifecycle solutionsSustainable Strategy & Change


Goodpoint assists Svenska Träskyddsföreningen with issues such as chemical content in treated (impregnated) timber, leaching calculations and declarations for content reporting and waste management. Goodpoint has also supported in producing environmental product declarations (EPD) for products of Svenska Träskyddsföreningen’s members.


There are many sources of information about treated timber, but none so far have summarised existing knowledge with both legislation, European and national guidelines as well as assessment criteria as background.

"In order to spread information about treated wood products, we at Goodpoint have produced the text for the Environmental Handbook for treated timber. It provides a summary of the content and requirements placed on such products, through both legislation and voluntary environmental assessment criteria.”
- Emma Svensson Akusjärvi, Goodpoint

The result: A handbook for treated lumber

During the development of the handbook, Goodpoint was responsible for literature studies and researching the information currently available for treated wood products. They were also responsible for the analysis and comparison of environmental data, such as environmental product declarations and life cycle analyses, as well as most of the text production. Svenska Träskyddsföreningen used an advertising agency for the layout.

The Environmental Handbook for treated timber is published and available for download in Swedish here. It can be used by procurers, environmental coordinators or architects, for example, to get the information required to make decisions about which material is best suited for use in constructions.

The environmental handbook is also used as part of the course material in the Wood Durability course, which is held every autumn at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

About Svenska Träskyddsföreningen
Svenska Träskyddsföreningen (Swedish Wood Protection Association) is the trade association for companies that manufacture and develop wood products with improved durability, for example, impregnated wood products. The association has approximately 60 member companies, mainly located in rural areas. The purpose of the association is to safeguard the interests of member companies through, for example, training, information and monitoring industry issues.

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