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Sustainable product design is the new norm – are you onboard?

Products that are durable and can be repaired, upgraded, shared, reused and recycled will become the new standard going forward. It is high time to explore how the transition to a circular economy with net zero emissions will affect your products, services and business model.


The concept of ecodesign brings together methods and perspectives with the aim of creating innovative design solutions, for both products, digital solutions and services, with a focus on minimising the total climate and environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle

”I don’t think many people consider the fact that 80% of a product's climate and environmental footprint can be determined in the design phase. A design process that is adapted to eco-design opens up many exciting opportunities to develop better business models, products and services”, says Daniel Gunnarsson Ohlson, Sustainable Design Expert.

80% of a product's climate and environmental footprint can be determined in the design phase.

Workshop to get started with sustainable product design

But it's not easy to start thinking in new ways. To challenge current ways of thinking, processes and even entire business models requires new perspectives. One way to get started could be to book a cross-functional workshop with Semcon's experts in sustainable products and services.

Since we at Semcon work with customers in several different industries and have experts in many fields, an event like this is a good opportunity for us all to learn from each other's different experiences and perspectives.

- Daniel Gunnarsson Ohlson, Sustainable Design Expert.

Start your sustainable product development with a deck of cards?

Semcon can put together workshops on different themes, completely based on your needs. If there is a desire to look more closely at things related to the design process within sustainable product development, Daniel and his colleagues have produced a discussion paper in the form of a deck of cards with thoughts, ideas and tips around themes such as innovation, circularity and eco-design.

"These cards are intended as inspiration to broaden your horizons. They can be used during a workshop or a meeting and work for both physical products and digital solutions. An important focus is to develop the right solution for the right need, whether the solution ultimately turns out to be physical, digital, or a service," says Daniel Gunnarsson Ohlson, Sustainable Design Expert.

Did you know that Semcon has all this expertise?

Semcon supports companies and organisations in several different industries in the transition to a circular economy with net zero emissions. Here are some examples of our expertise:

  • Our ecodesign offering spans everything from optimizing solutions such as LCAs, circular design, energy efficiency, materials and chemicals, to transforming solutions such as circular business models.

  • Navigate the explosion of new legal requirements linked to product sustainability and transparency. How will new and upcoming EU regulations and directives on non-financial reporting, eco-design and due diligence impact your company?

  • Harness the full potential of digitalisation and ensure a data-driven approach to enable informed decisions throughout the product lifecycle while ensuring compliance with requirements linked to non-financial reporting and digital passports.

  • To make the right decisions today, it’s crucial to understand what tomorrow looks like. Through our business design process we explore how a mix of key trends, including human needs and behaviours, digitalisation, and sustainability, affects your product offering. We support you in setting a roadmap to ensure a resilient business model for the future.

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