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Why do we need an energy management system?


What is a management system?

A management system describes how a company or organisation controls its operations and includes elements such as policies, goals, processes, and established procedures. Through its management system, an organisation can monitor and continuously improve its operations. A management system is structured according to a cyclical process with the stages of Plan, Do, Check, and Act.

A management system can have different focuses, such as Quality, Environment, or Energy. These different focuses are often integrated into a common management system. Here, we will discuss the benefits of having an energy management system.

The advantage of an energy management system

An energy management system outlines how an organisation systematically works to continuously improve its energy performance. With clear goals, a concrete action plan, and regular monitoring, the organisation gains an effective tool to reduce energy consumption, operating costs, and environmental impact.

Working with energy management involves systematically coordinating, controlling, and implementing actions to continually improve energy work. By setting clear goals, both short and long-term, you know the direction in which to steer the operations.

Implementing energy efficiency measures that have a long-term impact requires systematic planning. This systematic approach is present in an energy management system.

Benefits for companies with an energy management system

There are clear advantages to implementing an energy management system, some of the benefits for companies typically include:

  • Lower energy consumption

  • Better control and reliability regarding consumption and costs

  • Less dependence on individual efforts

  • Support in the company's sustainability work

  • Employee engagement

Choose the right partner

Semcon has the expertise needed and are happy to assist in building and implementing an energy management system in your organisation. Implementation is crucial! It's important that everyone, not just those working on energy issues, is familiar with energy work. Saving energy is not just about taking tangible measures but also about behavior. If we can change behavior, we can save energy without incurring additional costs.

We believe that understanding the end user best allows us to create the best products and services for them. Our focus on user experience and human behavior, combined with our experience and expertise in engineering, makes us well-suited for such assignments.

If we can change behavior, we can save energy without incurring additional costs.

Certifying your management system

Certifying your management system helps with structuring and building it up. Certification involves a successful audit by a certification body, indicating that the company meets the requirements of that specific standard. A certificate serves as a quality stamp. An ISO standard is international and consistent worldwide. The international standard for energy management systems is SS-EN ISO 50001, and Semcon can support throughout the certification process.

New legal requirements

On October 10, 2023, the revised EU directive on energy efficiency (EED) came into effect. A new requirement is that companies in Sweden with an annual energy consumption exceeding 23.6 GWh need to implement an energy management system or an environmental management system with the addition of energy mapping. The management system should be implemented by October 11, 2027. Semcon also has the expertise to conduct the legally mandated energy audit.


Cay Åsberg, Semcon

Cay Åsberg

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