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Kids perspectives on technology

Doing things as we’ve always done will not save the planet. If new technology is going to help us reach our climate goals, we need fresh, new perspectives. The technology sector needs to dare to think differently. So, to inspire the tech developers of the future – and be inspired ourselves – we asked a group of school children to give us their best ideas for saving the planet.



The children’s ideas encompassed everything from robots that pick up rubbish and vehicles that run on air or water, to flying animal ambulances. And sure, it may not be precisely these inventions that will solve the huge challenges the world is facing. But who knows where the next genius idea for fuel, material or business models will come from?

Check out the children's ideas via the links below

Air car CO2 capture

A car that runs on water

A robot that picks up rubbish

Sugis that keeps the oceans clean

A flying animal ambulance

Semcon’s product developers visited a school in Gothenburg to talk about sustainable technology and brainstorm new inventions that could help the planet in the future.

Technology is one of the keys to creating a sustainable planet. But it is important that we have the courage to question today’s solutions and think in new ways.

– Anette Norén, Head of Strategic Design & Innovation at Semcon

Sustainable innovation

At Semcon, we help our customers with new perspectives to find technical solutions that make life better for people and support the transition to a sustainable planet. Whether it’s about developing the latest AI technology or a new design for wheelchairs.

We always try to start from these for perspectives in our projects; people, planet, business and technology. In this way, we can make sure that new tech solutions are rooted in human needs, have a sustainability perspective and a strong business case.

Our goal is to ensure that sustainability is integrated into all parts of our business and we are always working to improve.


Heidi Östlund, Semcon

Heidi Östlund

Head of Sustainability

Anette Norén, Semcon

Anette Norén

Business Manager Design